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Program helps in creating construction drawings, cross-sections and elevations and allows to draw walls, insert doors and windows, create architectural dimensioning and descriptions, as well as, use objects from the library of furniture and other equipment. A unique program feature is the possibility to create evacuation and safety plans.


Its a perpetual full commercial License

CADprofi Architectural module can be bought separately or in full CADprofi Suite package, which contains all 4 CADprofi modules for 50% of the price.

CADprofi Architectural

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  • Key features

    • Drawing of single and multi-layered walls with the ability to define any material and thickness of each wall layer and the function of drawing walls with filled insulation.
    • Drawing walls along the selected edge with the possibility to determine the offset from the indicated points or other objects and the mode of drawing walls along the indicated infoline.
    • Parametric woodwork (doors, windows, garage doors) with automatic detection of the wall thickness. Plan, cross-section, and elevation views are available. For parametrical objects user can specify any dimensions and properties.
    • A convenient configurator that allows for a visual selection of schemes of windows, balcony doors, internal/external door leaves, garage doors (also industrial), as well as door and window openings, wall entries, recesses and furrows.
    • Dynamic determination of the direction of doors insertion that facilitate the correct positioning
    • Automatic defining and marking of rooms with surface calculation.
    • Configurable room descriptions.
    • Designing of stairs with the possibility of determining the dimensions and number of treads. Various types of stairs, incl. straight, spiral, L stairs, U stairs, U two-split stairs with a landing, stairs with storage, concrete, cheek stairs, shelf stairs, carpet stairs, stairs elements, from which user can build stairs with any number of treads, are available.
    • Insertion of roofs with the possibility of calculating surface slopes, roof angles and its height.
    • A rich library of steel, PVC and rectangular gutter systems as well as downpipes with elements of equipment and assembly accessories (hooks, drain funnels, bottoms, elbows, tees, internal/external corners, clamp connectors, spouts, settling tanks).
    • Elements of gravity ventilation and single and double-draft chimney systems with Schiedel and HOCH system solutions. Convenient configurator for designing chimney flues.
    • A rich library of chimneys, including single-glazed, corner, triple-glazed, double-sided fireplaces, with a water jacket, gas, electric, wood, bio fireplaces and goats.
    • Containers and waste containers.
    • Architectural dimensioning that is suited for construction projects. Program allows user to change styles and dimension units regardless of which designing unit was used in the drawing (e.g. dimensioning in cm of drawing that were prepared in mm). A unique feature is the possibility to convert an ordinary CAD dimensioning into architectural dimensioning.
    • Library of interior design and landscape architecture: furniture, sanitary equipment, electronics and household appliances, plants, vehicles, swimming pools, jacuzzi, saunas and others.
    • Level symbols with automatic filling of indicated points ordinates.
    • Architectural symbols: holes, ventilation ducts, carpentry and woodwork markings, terrain slopes, topographic symbols, arrows, general symbols, etc.
    • Drawing and editing emergency escape routes and plans.
    • Library of symbols, marks and signs from the health and safety, fire protection and public information.
    • Designing is done in accordance with designers habits and requirements.
    • Metric or imperial units available.
    • Tools for full description and projects detailing.
    • Automatic numbering of objects.
    • A system of quick search of products in the database.
    • Access to CAD libraries of many world known manufacturers.
    • Possibility to important and add to the program user's own symbols or objects.
    • Automatic layer management and printing styles allows user to achieve prints with predefined line thickness, colours, etc.
    • Possibility to define the list of "favourites" that allows to work in accordance with user habits and preferences.
    • Possibility of adding your own translations or changing the terminology that is used in the program.
    • Smart insertion of objects with the possibility of attaching them to other objects by using the "one-click" technology.
    • Intelligent commands that allow for performing quick editing operations on symbols and objects directly in the drawing.
    • The Quick edit (QED) command that allows user to perform basic editing operations on symbols and objects, including edit, attributes and descriptions, mirror, scale, copy, rotate, delete, move, insert alternative view.
    • Possibility to create any diagrams, flowcharts, technological and functional schemes, algorithms.
    • Possibility to create bill of materials and specifications that can be either printed or exported to multiple formats including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and more.
    • Automatic creation of graphical legends.
    • On-line help with many illustrations and exemplary videos that explain in details how to use the program.
    • On-line update system.
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